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Small Batch for Riley Street Garage

Riley Street GarageRiley Street Garage is cool.  The history of this site began in 1873 with the building of a classic mid-19th century home, but the dwelling was knocked down in the early 1930’s and developed in to a car hire depot a few years later. Named “Lessey’s Garage”, the building was designed by prominent architects Wilshire and Hodges in a stunning interwar Art Deco style; rare for a garage it’s fair to say. Today, this beautiful building remains in all its glory, and is now the home of one of Sydney’s most epic food and wine ventures – Riley Street Garage. The façade continues to make a special contribution to the streetscape of Riley Street, and is an icon for old meets new in Sydney.

 Riley Street Gararge BarI love the respect for the heritage of this building, and the sensitivity and class to which it has been “reinvented”.  The notion of creating something vibrant and fresh out of a space with such a long and fascinating history, and from such humble and pragmatic beginnings, is compelling. Riley Street Garage is all character, heritage, quality and innovation; what better way to celebrate these attributes than through a collaboration between two like-minded friends, with Sydney’s incredible food and wine culture at the heart of it.

The gents from Riley Street Garage – Brody Petersen, Bay Kilpatrick and Chef Regan Porteous – are clearly driven by a deep connection to origin; the idea that authenticity and purity comes from being a part of things from the ground up. Just as this applies to buildings and architecture, it also applies to food and wine.

 Riley Street GSM Ben Haines WineTogether, Brody, Bay, Regan and myself have put together a blend of Grenache, Shiraz and Mourvedre (GSM) from the 2015 vintage. Sourced from old vines growing on the banks of the Goulburn River in the Nagambie Lakes sub-region of Central Victoria, this bright, fragrant blend is the epitome of freshness, yielded from vines with heritage and character. A soft, flowing palate of plush fruit, subtle spice and a hint of fresh earth, all wrapped in a fine, delicate and silky structure.

Fresh from the soil, to barrel, then to bottle. Ben Haines 2015 “Small Batch for Riley Street Garage” GSM will be launched on December 1 at Riley Street Garage, so get on down to enjoy being a part of history, and the future.

Riley Street GSM BHW

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