6 December 2016  /  Filed under: Vintage Report

2016 Vintage

The 2016 vintage was unique. In fact it was the extreme-opposite to 2015, which was mild, steady and evenly spread. 2016 was not this. It was all in, flat stick across all varieties and regions….

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26 November 2015  /  Filed under: Latest News

Small Batch for Riley Street Garage

Riley Street Garage is cool.  The history of this site began in 1873 with the building of a classic mid-19th century home, but the dwelling was knocked down in the early 1930’s and developed in…

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28 July 2015  /  Filed under: Uncategorized

A Shop, With Wine, In the City

The City Wine Shop is more than a shop with wine, in the city. It is the essence of what is special, comforting and energetic about Melbourne. Not only that, but it is where I met my…

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6 March 2015  /  Filed under: Vintage Report, Winemaking

A Return To The Vale: The Exploration Continues

There’s really no other way to say it: our recent harvest from the beautiful biodynamic Gateway Vineyard in McLaren Vale has the kind of flavour that blows my mind. It’s also got tannin, vibrancy, and…

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16 January 2015  /  Filed under: Vineyard Exploration, Winemaking, Latest News

2014 In Retrospect: A Year of Expansion & Growth

2014 was a big one here at Ben Haines Wine HQ: a year of continued exploration, new beginnings and unprecedented growth. As we ease into 2015 I figure it’s as good a time as any…

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